What is Copycat?

Copycat is the clipboard automation tool for your Mac.
Save everything you ⌘copy in a simple, searchable list that syncs with iCloud.


Launch at startup + iCloud integration

Keep a running history of everything you copy to your clipboard in Copycat and stay in sync across all of your Mac devices (iOS coming soon).



Stop breaking your "keyboard workflow"

Copycat's goal is to keep your hands on the keyboard.

With one shortcut, instantly search and use quick-commands to access any of your past copy history and paste right back into the application you were working on.

⌘⇧ + Space = Launch Copycat*


Increase Your Productivity

With Copycat's powerful keyboard shortcuts, save time and improve efficiency by managing multiple contexts of text in your workflow at once.

↑+↓ = Navigate Copycat
↩ = Select highlighted text